Friday, May 21, 2010

Search Engine Optimization For Great Search Engine Placement

Do you do enough search engine optimization to get the search engine placement that you want for the keywords that you want to rank for? If not then read on and I will give you information that you need to know to start getting those rankings that you want, and start receiving traffic! There are a few things I will be going over in this article. First I want to talk about the keywords you choose and how to check if the competition is too tough to go against. If you choose keywords with decent traffic and medium competition you will have much better results.

So what should the criteria be for it to be the right keyword?

  • At least 1000+ searches a month on exact search (Use Google keyword tool to get the information.)
  • Low PR pages on page one of Google for the keyword.
  • Low backlinks on each site on page one of Google. (I use SEO Quake to see this info it is free so get it!)
  • 500,000 or less results when you search the keyword in quotes. (You can go higher if the competition looks weak!)

That is pretty much the basics to get medium competition keywords.

Next I would like to talk about on page SEO factors, because if you do not do the on page SEO you will not get very far with your search engine optimization efforts and will not get a very good search engine placement. You want to make sure your primary keyword is in the title and description tags, you also want to make sure you put it in the keyword tag! The next thing you want to do is have your keyword throughout your content, maybe like once for every 400 words. Do not do too many keywords it may hurt your rankings. If you have a blog make sure you put your keywords in the tag of the posts as well.

The last part of SEO and probably one of the most important parts is the off page search engine optimization. To get really good search engine placement you will need to focus on a few simple factors. The first thing to focus on is to get plenty of high PR do-follow backlinks. Now there are several ways to get these backlinks. You can pay an SEO service to get them for you which is really expensive. You can buy backlink packs from people. It is cheaper to buy backlink packs but the links can have too many outbound links on them and PR is split between outbound links. Lastly you could use a product such as SEO SpyGlass and find good high PR backlinks yourself or even outsource the work cheap!

The great thing about the software is that you can get lots of high PR links and it shows you if they are do-follow and how many outbound links each page has!

If you would like to know more about SEO SpyGlass and see a video on how it works click here and cut your search engine optimization costs way down!

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